We support SNSM Île de Ré

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We support SNSM Île de Ré

October 2019

We share with you the love of this unique territory on which we work, on which you live precious moments surrounded by those you love.

Here is the end of the summer season, some restaurants and shops will close their doors and some second homes will fall asleep to relive at Christmas or Easter.

For the SNSM, there is no dormant, no truce. The SNSM station on Île de Ré includes 25 on-board volunteer rescuers who take turns 365 days a year, night and day to ensure our safety. They set sail on alert, in less than 15 minutes regardless of the state of the sea to fulfill their mission: the safeguarding of human life at sea. They are all volunteers.

Because we share the same values ​​of commitment and solidarity as the SNSM, we support the Rescue at Sea team chaired by Denis Chatin through donations and events organized for the benefit of our rescuers.
Indeed, the support of all is essential for the SNSM to increase their training and training capacity or to maintain their equipment and their fleet. These are all essential criteria for maintaining the skills of lifeguards and guaranteeing our safety.

This meeting, united and festive, is the cornerstone of actions and donations organized throughout the year.